Results of PT3 Examination Year 2014 :
Collect your result slip from your respective
school starting from 10.00 am on 22 December
2014 (Monday). There is NO official statement
issued by Ministry of Education that online
checking is available for PT3 result 2014.


Keputusan Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3) Tahun 2014 boleh diperolehi
dari sekolah masing-masing mulai 10.00 pagi pada 22 Dis 2014 (Isnin)




Target Setting and Tracking Improvement

Target setting is the main idea. In the event you don't have any specific aims in life you will feel rather bored. Some people just hanging around everyday and they are satisfy with going back and forth to do the same routine work everyday, year after year. We see almost nothing happen to them and you can guess where they are heading to because they don't go out from their comfort zone. You could be among those people if you don't set targets.

Setting goals can help you grow. Target setting is healthy for the body and also for your thoughts. Always set goals which you actually can achieve and you also see ways to meet your target. It is necessary to take note of the measures it'll take to achieve the target. Determine the length of time it is going to take one to execute each task. This may required days or weeks. After you do this you'll need to create a date that you are going to start working towards the target. You then can certainly set the task up on a calendar and take note of your progress for each task.

As you start a task or have completed a project you need to monitor closely your progress. As you meet specific milestones you should treat yourself to something special (reward) as you are one step closer to doing something meaningful and significant.

Target setting is essential. When you establish targets and lay them out with time frames and milestones you'll be more inspired to finish them. As you reach specific milestones you'll be prompted more than ever to achieve to the end of the job. This can be an extremely positive approach to focus on works that you previously had trouble finishing them.

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