Perubahan Tarikh Peperiksaan SPM daipada 4 Disember 2014 balik kepada 27 November 2014

PERMOHONAN SBP tingkatan 4 2015

Feedback from the rakyat via the National Dialogue was critical in the development of the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025. The Ministry of Education has carefully considered all concerns and suggestions received through the multiple sources.
The Ministry received a large sample of responses from a wide cross-section of society through the National Dialogue. In total, the Ministry received more than 7,000 responses across different channels. Responses came in from all relevant stakeholders including students, teachers, principals, parents, as well as special interest groups, politicians, and the private sector. The rakyat firmly believes in the urgent need for the education review. Of the more than 3,000 people surveyed at the townhalls, 42% believe the time is right for a review of our education system, while 56% believe a review is long overdue.
(The 16 townhalls and three online channels reached out to the general public across all walks of life and from all parts of Malaysia.)