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Posted on: August 27th, 2019 by viewnow

Malaysia’s external debt amounted to RM318.1 billion (USD95.8 billion) as at end of year 2013 (for year 2012: RM252.8 billion), equivalent to 33.5% of Gross National Income (GNI) (2012: 27.9% of GNI). The Federal Government continued to register net repayment of external debt. The higher short-term external debt in 2013 was largely the outcome of the net drawdown of interbank borrowing, mainly for the management of foreign exchange liquidity positions. The appreciation of the regional and some major currencies against the ringgit during the year also contributed to the higher external debt in ringgit terms. Overall, Malaysia’s external debt remained manageable.

The international reserves of Bank Negara Malaysia increased by RM14.6 billion to RM441.9 billion as at end of year 2013 (end-2012: RM427.2 billion). As at 28 February 2014, the reserves level amounted to RM427.6 billion (equivalent to USD130.6 billion), which is sufficient to finance 9 months of retained imports and is 3.3 times the short-term external debt. The international reserves held by the Bank remain usable and healthy.

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