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Posted on: November 2nd, 2014 by viewnow

SPM 2012 MALAY LANGUAGE PAPER 1 and 2. Actual Examination Papers.

The teacher’s working conditions can be utterly affected by the principal’s decisions. He assigns teachers to spesific classes and classes to a particular teachers; the principal remains the judge of final appeal, although the particular work maybe accomplished by other personnel. The principal may be the supreme authority on pupil discipline, and parents turn to him for redress when they think their youngsters have now been wrongly addressed. The allocation of materials, space, and equipment is treated through the office of the principal, and schedules are resolved under his supervision. Their decisions may, in short, influence the teacheris work duties for months at the same time. I really believe that motivating entire staff team is one of the principal’s most important roles. Our argument isn’t depending on a hazy impact or a concept that I’ve plucked out from the air. It is centered on research data that reveals teacher comfort, work fulfillment and motivation to be inspired a great deal more by school administration and authority than by another factor. It’s based on study evidence that school leaders can – and do – possess a main impact on how teachers feel about, and the way they are doing, their careers.


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