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Science Paper 1 PMR 2013 LPKPM

Posted on: August 26th, 2014 by viewnow

Peperiksaan PMR Tahun 2013 (Tahun Terakhir). Sains Kertas 1 (Science Paper 1  PMR year 2013. Board of Examination, Ministry of Education Malaysia)

No. 20. How does a whale support its body weight although it has smaller internal skeleton compared to its body size?      A.  It has more muscles   B.  Its density is lower     C.  Its bone and cartilage are stronger   D.  It is supported by water bouyancy
No. 31. Which statement is correct to maintain a healthy kidney?      A.  Exercise regularly   B.  Long term of using medicine    C.  Drinks plenty of water everyday   D.  Takes more salt and less sugar in food

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