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Prinsip Perakaunan Kertas 1, 2 SPM 2013 LPKPM

Posted on: November 16th, 2014 by viewnow

Peperiksaan Sebenar SPM Tahun 2013 Lembaga Peperiksaan, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, Putrajaya. Prinsip Perakaunan Kertas 1, 2 (Accounting Principal Paper 1, 2 SPM year 2013. Board of Examination, MOE Malaysia)

Constant Learning
Learning encourages development. No body is too old to learn. Everyday you should be adding your knowledge and learn something new. Knowing something extraordinary that never known before is a bliss.
If you are frequently not inspired to start new jobs or to undertake new things you need to raise your interest of learning. Reading is beneficial to the brain also it’s exciting for the head.
A morning newspaper is a familiar manner some folks prefer to arouse their brain. These people prefer to cuddle up with the morning paper before starting their long day, as well as reading the newspaper nightly before going to bed. It is a great habit to get into.
Reading the newspaper can be hard for some people. You may not enjoy the paper due to the ink or you also believe in recycling and you are against the fact that much have been used to print those newspapers. You don’t need to see the paper. It’s possible for you to see the news online regularly at your PC. You don’t need to be on a news site however, it is possible to read whatever interests you. Perhaps you want to master a brand new skill. It’s possible for you to visit a website that concentrates on this particular skill and read everyday, absorbing at your own pace.

 Download  Question P1 Answer.

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