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Penang Trial SPM 2014 Pendidikan Moral

Posted on: September 28th, 2014 by viewnow

Kertas Soalan Pendidikan Moral Percubaan SPM 2014 Negeri Pulau Pinang (Questions  for Moral Education Trial SPM year 2014 Penang State Level Coordinated Papers.)

If it is not pay that motivates teacher, then what?
It is very difficult to draw out of the available literature accurate evidence of what motivates teachers because, in many cases the distinction between motivation and job satisfaction and morale is not clarified. Similar difficulties occur over finding evidence of sources of teacher morale and job satisfaction, when trying to make sense of the literature on job satisfaction, out of not knowing, first, whether researchers interpret job satisfaction as involving only fulfilment or whether they adopt a wider interpretation, and, second, which of these two interpretations was adopted by the teachers upon whom the research was focused. Thus, for example, evidence presented in the literature that teachers find a pleasant working environment and nice decor in the staffroom to be sources of job satisfaction cannot be taken at face value . Indeed, its meaningfulness is limited unless those presenting the evidence also present their definitions or interpretations of job satisfaction and explain how they ascertained, in the process of carrying out their research, what interpretations teachers held. Nevertheless, since it serves as a broad indicator, it is worth considering some of the evidence that purports to reveal factors that influence teachers’ attitudes. It is also worth examining, as a starting point, evidence of how teachers feel about their work and what they report liking and disliking about it.

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