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Manual Panduan Permohonan ke Tingkatan 1 dan 4 SBP Tahun 2014

Posted on: September 5th, 2013 by viewnow

Manual Panduan Permohonan ke Tingkatan 1 dan 4 SBP Tahun 2014 untuk kegunaan Ibu bapa dan Penjaga.

• Entry: Every child in Malaysia deserves access to a knowledge that’ll allow that child to attain their potential.The Ministry of Education hence wants to make sure common accessibility and complete enrolment of childs from preschool to upper secondary school level by 2020.

Download (PDF, 1.48MB)

• Quality: All childs have the chance to achieve a great training that’s comparable and exclusively Malaysian in par to the world standard to the very best. The desire is to stay as the top third in performance when it comes to efficiency in global assessments, as calculated by results in PISA and TIMSS, within 15 years. (TIMSS presently test for literacy, Arithmetic, and Technology only). Extra test that tackle additional measurements of quality which are highly relevant to the Malaysian framework might be incorporated because they are created and start to be accepted as international standards).

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