Tarikh Semakan Keputusan UPSR, PASR, PT3, SPM, SPMU, STAM, STPM serta
Semakan Tawaran SBP, Sekolah Kawalan, MRSM, Tingkatan 6, Matrikulasi, MUET dll

Jadual Waktu Peperiksaan UPSR Tahun 2018 (Pending).

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UPSR 2017 Examination Time Table, Board of Examination, Malaysia



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Did you know that ?   The starfish, whom you would probably not expect to be an oyster opener, is the terror of the oyster beds. His arms grip the oyster sideways, and then a regular tug-of-war takes place between the muscle of the oyster and the sucker-like feet along the five arms of the starfish, which pull steadily. The oyster gives way first, open comes the shell, and the starfish gets a meal.
Snails are interesting creatures, too. They seem to have a good sense of direction, and know their way home after a night out. If you look for the sit very trail of slime that they leave behind, you will find both the outward and return journey. When winter approaches, the snails seal up the entrance to the shell with a skin of slime and take a long sleep. They love the warm summer rain, but should we get a hot, dry summer with parched earth, they seem to realise that this is not good for them. Hence they will seal up their door again and retire until the rains come.

 Takwim Penggal Persekolahan Tahun ini

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