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Jadual Peperiksaan SPMU Jun 2015.

Posted on: March 2nd, 2015 by viewnow

SPMU 2015 Examination Time Table for Private Candidates, Board of Examination, Malaysia


  UPSR 2015 Time Table SPM 2015 (Nov) Time Table


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Showcase All your skills When Applying Jobs!

By understanding your edge, the odds of finding the job you want will certainly get simpler. However, you should not get overly confident since it is among the most popular errors that plague job applicants.

You need to identify your skills. A lot of people have trouble telling their skills and capabilities as this might appear to be bragging. However, you shouldn’t be fearful or afraid to talk about your skills. It’s wrong if you do that under the environment of job hunting.

Actually , it’s vital that you simply convey to your prospective employer what your abilities are. You should have the ability to market your skills for your company. That’s the way you are going to get the job you want.

It’s vital that you just do not seem arrogant or condescending but you also need to avoid selling yourself short. However, before you even visit the interview, your resume should already highlight your specific skills and abilities.

 Takwim Penggal Persekolahan Tahun 2015


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