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Bahasa Inggeris Soalan PT3 2014 Terengganu

Posted on: September 5th, 2015 by viewnow

Bahasa Inggeris 12 Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 Tahun 2014 Negeri Terengganu (Questions for English Language paper 12, PT3 year 2014 Terengganu.)

Question 4 : Read text carefully and answer questions
Children of the past spent their time playing outdoor games or stayed indoors, pursuing a hobby or participating in activities such as carrom and monopoly. However, the introduction of technology and computers has completely transformed the lives of children today.
Many  children  are  addicted  to  playing  computer  games  instead of  taking  part  in  physical activities that are beneficial and healthy. Sitting down for long hours in front of the computer and snacking on junk food might lead to many disadvantages which include health complications.  Among these complications are obesity, sleep problems and chronic diseases.
It is time something is done to prevent this situation from getting out of hand.  Children should be protected from becoming victims of a situation that may be beyond their control.  Parents and guardians must take the necessary steps to ensure that their children grow up in a safe and healthy environment. One of the best ways is to encourage our children to participate in outdoor activities. This could be swimming, playing tennis, squash or even a team event like football, hockey or cricket.
There are many reasons why we should encourage children to be actively involved in outdoor activities. Besides making them healthy and preventing chronic diseases, children will have an excellent opportunity to make new friends.  This will help children develop social skills and racial tolerance. When participating in outdoor activities, children get the opportunity to mix with other children who may not come from similar ethnic backgrounds.
As outdoor activities are less structured, children are also able to let their hair down. Moreover, taking part in outdoor activities is an effective way for them to keep fit.  Last but not least, children will develop self-esteem and a sense of confidence which will help them survive in the real world.

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