Results of Admission into Full Boarding Schools :
Results for the above admission into Form one
of the year for Full Boarding Schools through
out the whole Malaysia can be access from MOE's
website starting from 3rd week of December.
We wish you all the best.

Semakan dan Rayuan Kemasukan ke Tingkatan 1 SBP Tahun 2017 (Buka)

Semakan T1 SBP Ambilan Kali Ke-2. Tarikh Semakan : Mulai Minggu ke-3 Februari 2017
Semakan dan Rayuan Kemasukan ke Tingkatan 1 SBP Tahun 2016 (Tutup)




Semakan Tawaran Kemasukan ke Tingkatan 1 SBP


Semakan dan Rayuan Kemasukan ke Tingkatan 1 SBP Tahun 2016 (Tutup)
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Most undoubtedly there will be improvements in the method to take care of any patients in the future. I understand we are able to treat children using humor method and if viewing a video in a humor room would help make them much more comfortable, and have the ability to deal with pain better, we would rather see more of such humor rooms in hospitals. No one really wants to visit a child in pain.
Although we are attentive to the truth that more research is required to improve the scientific proof variable, no one can question the general favorable side effects that laughter and wit may have about the prognosis of children, particularly the terminally ill. The hypothesis was formed, that perhaps with a rise in humor and laughter in their own lives, the prediction may be better. Perhaps lives could be longer, just because we give them something to look ahead also.
Many children hospitals are now including humor rooms as a standard in the hospital lounge and waiting areas, only for the positive side effects that laughter and well-being may have to the family of patients, in addition to the patients themselves. We quite frequent forget the sound of the just suppressed giggle, the laughter that reaches a child's eyes when genuine delight and humor enter the picture; we must make every attempt to keep that grin and laughter present, even if we need to incorporate the use of “humor rooms”

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