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One of the scenario : Teacher spends a lot of the time sitting at his/her desk, engaged on routine duties, many of which are administrative, and children come out at intervals to hand up their work or ask some questions. The teacher display little interest in what the children are doing, and breaks off from what she is doing, quite often, after long time to respond to questions about what to do next, or to give permission for children to sharpen pencils, get a second sheet of paper, or go to the washroom. This lack of interest in what the children are doing, which is due to a pre­occupation with administrative and other non-teaching work, is paralleled by management that is over-concerned with form-filling, report writing, and other tasks that distract and diverse attention from the real function and purpose of schools.
So absorbed is she in her own work that she fails to notice several children who are not on task: who are wasting time in daydreaming, misbehaving, or walking around the classroom. The children have been given insufficient guidance on how to do the assigned work, and as a result, many of them did not do the work correctly and are making many mistakes. This aspect of the teacher's class management is paralleled by school heads' failure to provide adequate direction and supervision, which may result in some members of staff floundering, struggling, if not slacking.

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